The Sound Choice Story

More than 30 years ago, before the word “karaoke” was widely known in the U.S., Kurt Slep and his brother began a new business centered on making high-quality re-recorded versions of popular songs. Their goal was simple: To make the very best accompaniment music so that everyone who wanted to could sing along to their favorite songs.

The Slep brothers’ dedication to quality was relentless. They called their product “Sound Choice,” and an entertainment phenomenon was born.

In time, the Sound Choice brand became known for one thing: the very best karaoke accompaniment tracks available—the most authentic reproductions of the sound of the original song, the most accurate singing cues, and the most correct lyric displays. Sound Choice karaoke CDs were a little more expensive than other brands, but karaoke professionals and fans knew that the extra cost was worth it.

Between 1987 and 2010, Sound Choice recorded and released more than 16,500 karaoke tracks. But by 2009, it became clear that doing business the old way wasn’t going to work anymore. Thousands of karaoke professionals were using Sound Choice tracks to make money without paying anything.

That’s not fair. And after less drastic means failed to stop the problem, Sound Choice reluctantly looked to the courts for help. Litigation has kept the company alive, but piracy marches on. And there’s been no new Sound Choice music since early 2010.

But in the course of that litigation, we discovered something about the Sound Choice brand that surprised us just a little. Our investigators go out to karaoke shows to gather information for litigation. Even today, those investigators report that the dominant brand of music used in actual karaoke shows is still Sound Choice, even though we haven’t made any new music in more than 5 years.

That’s real staying power. It speaks to the quality that the Slep brothers set out to accomplish. And what it means is that the Sound Choice brand will remain strong for years to come.

We know we can’t stay out of production forever, so we’re planning to return with new recordings soon.

And when we do, all you’ll have to do is sing along to understand why Sound Choice is America’s Favorite Karaoke Brand