We have combined the fun of opening pull tabs with the popular concept of Bride & Groom trivia to create a unique and entertaining way for the DJ/emcee to interact with guests at wedding receptions.

A single bag contains 1,000 tickets. During the reception, the DJ or bridal party may introduce batches of tickets to everyone in attendance. Opening the tickets reveal various trivia questions about the bride & groom, as well as various “prizes”. The wedding party also has the option to mix in optional “free drink” tickets, perhaps a good alternative to having an open bar.

There are a total of 20 trivia questions. An answer sheet (provided) can be used at each table with the DJ/emcee collecting the answer sheets and having some fun determining the winning table. For example, “What is the Bride’s Shoe Size?”

In addition to the trivia and optional free drink tickets, additional “prizes” are scattered in. For example, “Dance with Groom”, “Selfie with Bride” can be used to break the ice or the person who holds the “Chicken” ticket must lead the Chicken Dance! There is room for embellishment of course and the additional tickets can be used various ways by an entertaining emcee.

This is a good new (and cheap) product that Wedding DJs can use to enhance their portfolio of activities and stand out from competitors. Could be used as an add-on sale or even simply markup and sell directly to their clients or other wedding vendors. Another suggestion is for using in a garter or fundraising routine.