Your business will thrive or end on one word…Marketing

Before you think I’m being melodramatic, let me ask you….If you don’t know about something, how can you buy it? Your clients cannot buy from you unless they first know about you and second have a compelling reason that speaks to them about why they should talk to you.

In this 90 minute seminar, you will not just learn what is important in regards to your marketing, but you will walk away with a specific plan of action that will make your marketing effective and get the results you are looking for.

Session 1: The Evolution of Buying

The way people buy and the proper way to market to those people has changed yet, many have failed to recognize this massive shift. By understanding what people are looking for as well and experiencing in their buying patterns, you can adjust your marketing plan to be more effective which will help you land more business.

Session 2: Marketing Review

This is the most requested portion of the seminar where we will take participants own materials (don’t worry- this is fully voluntary) and go over the materials. Here we will be able to cover the nuance, the detail and the general principles that you can then take home and apply to your marketing strategy. (We will use our remaining time doing Marketing reviews, but don’t worry, I will get to anyone’s materials who brings them to the conference and attends the seminar sometime during Mobile Beat)

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This is a Mobile Beat-approved supplemental event, but is NOT included with purchase of an MBLV Full Pass.