“DJ, Game Show Host, Award Winning Business Owner, Author, Presenter…and an all around GREAT GUY!”

Rob Peters began DJing while attending St. Joseph’s College in Windham, Maine in the late 1980’s.  “I dj’d one of the on campus dances one night and had a lot of fun doing it.” notes Peters. “DJing was a good fit for my personality as I was ‘coming out of my shell’ then.”

Rob continued to earn his degree and DJing , not only for campus events, but also on the radio at the college radio station, as well as at WGAN AM and WMGX FM in Portland.  Following graduation, Rob moved back to Boston and started working in radio.  “At that time, I had stopped doing mobile work, until I was asked by a friend to DJ an birthday party and things took off from there.  I worked hard to build my mobile business again, and eventually, I left my day job and went full time.

Since that time, Rob has developed his DJ company into a full time, full service business in greater Boston with several different brands that emphasize certain areas of specialty, including Game Show Parties of Boston(Corporate Game Shows) and The Bubble Music Man(Kid’s Entertainment).  Rob personally performs at over 250 corporate events and kids parties.  He even still entertains at approximately 20 to 25 weddings a year.

Rob’s talents have been acknowledged by his many clients, and he has won several business awards, including “Entrepreneur Of The Year”from the Metro South Chamber Of Commerce,  “Parent’s Pick Award”  in 2010 from Nickelodeon, and “Best Kid’s Entertainer”from Macaroni Kid in 2014. In addition, he is an Endorsed Professional Entertainer through the National Association Of Mobile Entertainers, author of “The Business Of Mobile DJing” from ProDJ Publishing, a member of NAME. and NACE, and the owner of Bubble Parties.com, a business program that helps teach DJs how to profitably entertain for kids parties.

In addition, Rob has been sharing his knowledge of the DJ industry for over 15 years through podcasts, articles and presentation.