Using gear made up mostly of old radio and tv parts, Bob Lindquist worked his paying job as a mobile DJ in 1967. In the years that followed, he continued to work mobile gigs concurrent with various day jobs in broadcasting, advertising and public relations. As his number of booking grew, friends noticed. Over lunch one day in 1985 a colleague suggested he write a “How-To” book for other interested in getting into the DJ business. That bit of encouragement led to the release of “Spinnin’: How To 26fd251Score A Hit As A Mobile DJ” in 1987. The book was later updated with help from Canadian DJ Dennis Hampson and released as Spinnin’ 2000 in 1990, 1991, and 1997.

Based on the success of the Spinnin’ series for DJs, Lindquist was encouraged to create a publication specifically for Mobile DJs. Unconvinced that a magazine for mobiles would survive, he sat on the idea for over a year, before finally deciding to create a test issue. With help from Mike Buonaccorso (who became a partner in the fledgling business a short time later), and several others, the first issue of Mobile Beat rolled off the presses in the spring of 1991.

After 15 years as publisher, Lindquist left Mobile Beat to pursue other business opportunities. He has, however, stayed close to the DJ profession. In 2010, after being “off the road” for 16 years, He and his wife Barbara decided it was time to get back on the road. They now perform at around twenty-five wedding receptions each summer. In addition, Lindquist operates FLXWebDesign, which creates responsive, conversion based Websites for DJs, FLXSound, which provides live sound services and “Sunday Morning Sound Tech” training for area churches. He’s also called upon regularly to share his insight, wisdom and experience with various DJ groups and organization.