“NOTHING happens until a sale is made.” – Red Motley, 1946.

A truer statement has never been said.  Without sales, it doesn’t matter how good you are as a DJ or Master of Ceremonies.  You can’t showcase your lighting division if you don’t have sales.  Your Photo Booth will sit in the corner collecting dust if you don’t master the skills it takes to sell effectively to the modern bride.

If you were to caption this photo you might say “Your sales could be THIS BIG!”  THAT’S our goal!  Help you create BETTER connections with your clients and help you make BIGGER sales.

Jeffrey Gitomer Certified Advisor Mitch Taylor of Sales Is Solutions presents the FIRST EVER groundbreaking sales WORKSHOP for EVENT PROS.  This 8 hour intensive workshop will help you:

  • Why and HOW to research your client most effectively
  • How to book client meetings in your sleep – TRUE STORY
  • How to start your meeting for maximum effectiveness
  • Discover the 2 questions you NEED to ask before talking about anything
  • How to position yourself as the EXPERT – and get HER to realize (and say) it
  • Tips you can use to establish rapport immediately and close more sales
  • Create a NEW way to present your services at the close
  • How to handle ANY objection you may face in the sales process.
  • Tips you can do to establish rapport immediately to close more sales

This Sales Is Solutions training workshop is limited to the first 12 participants at a cost of $500 per student for this 8 hour INTENSIVE workshop.  A note on workshops.  A workshop is where you come ready to “work”.   Together and as a group you will discover immediately how strong your sales skills are (or AREN’T), we will walk through sales situations in each part of the sales process, working in small groups or pairs through each aspect and then you will be coached by Gitomer Certified Advisor Mitch Taylor on your work in that part of the sales cycle.  At the end we will also come up with a new unique way to present your services at the end of your meeting.  Audio recordings are fine but please no video recordings.  We will be taking an hour break for lunch from Noon to 1pm PST.  All cell phone communication must cease for the eight hours so if you plan on tweeting or Facebooking…this isn’t the workshop for you.  Be prepared to learn and take away a TON of knowledge with Sales Is Solutions and MBLV20!

Check out pricing and more details at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sales-is-solutions-workshop-tickets-19223643435

This is a Mobile Beat-approved supplemental event, but is NOT included with purchase of an MBLV Full Pass