What is Singo?
Singo is a new and exciting musical spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Instead of listening for a number, players are listening to their favorite music.

Singo is Fun
Everyone likes to sing along with their favorite song. Everyone likes the competition of playing Bingo. Singo combines the best of both and creates a high energy evening of fun.

Singo Rewards
Singo players compete not only to win nightly prizes provided by their local venue, but also for a chance to win nationally sponsored Singo jackpots, trips and cruises!

Anyone Can Win
Singo’s random song playback ensures that everyone has an equal chance to win, and if you don’t know the title, just ask your neighbor!

Singo Plays the Hits
The Singo catalog contains numerous music categories, so you’re sure to hear the top Billboard hits from the 1960s through today’s pop hits.!

Sing Along!
Sing, dance, laugh… Singo is all about a good time. When people are singing along, you know they’re having fun.