Steve Clayton has built himself to the foremost producer of large festivals and slays corporate brand creation. Steve has involved himself in numerous cannabis-related activations within California.

Steve and his company, The Soundskilz Group, have been involved in many different Cannabis Cups; most notably in collaboration with High Times. They have produced both the first Blazers Cup and the Gold Cup. This year, the EOOS festival; in collaboration with Easy E’s Son from Ruthless Records, has retained the Soundskilz Group to ease their transition to cannabis-friendly festivals. Steve and his team work closely with law enforcement, venues, talent, and festival owners to encapsulate an experiential environment that brings the (what kind of) nature of the festivals to the forefront in a safe and profitable manner.

In 2015, Steve joined a then one-year-old Chalice Festival outside of Los Angeles, CA. Steve has helped grow Chalice from 8000 attendees its first year to almost 40,000 in year 4. With the aid of his venue knowledge and negotiation, talent selection and vision, Chalice has catapulted into the largest Music, Glass, Hash and Art Festival in California, and very possibly the country.

Steve Clayton began his entertainment career as a small DJ company playing weddings and corporate shows.

In 2007, with a contract from USC and the Rose Bowl, Steve carefully cultivated his business. Five years later, Steve collaborated with a colleague who invested in The Neon Run. A pioneer in The Night Time Glow Run movement, The Neon Run boasted over 11,000 attendees at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park, and has registered over 10,000 attendees on a regular basis. In 2014, Steve purchased the remainder of The Neon Run and continued to produce events from Orlando, DC, Phoenix, and Canada.

On the side, Steve teaches Event Management & Technology for the University of California at Riverside. He currently resides just outside Temecula, CA on his ranch with his wife and 4 daughters. He enjoys shooting guns, his horses, and a good Macallan Scotch.