Continuing a commitment to help DJs build their technical chops, Mobile Beat Las Vegas will again feature the Tech DJ Institute, headed up by the industry leader who can translate “geek-speak” to “DJ” better than anyone else: Ben Stowe of NLFX Professional.

The institute will feature eight 90-minute sessions on sound and lighting for DJs, at beginning and advanced levels. Sessions will be in a classroom format with room for 50 attendees each.

Sound 2 – Dive right into some advanced audio topics and learn how to get more out of your system without clipping your speakers or suffering from the distorted mic inputs that plague many DJ controllers. You’ll learn about the all-important gain structure, as well as various signal processing tools and techniques that will help your system sound better and eliminate mic feedback. Special coverage of wireless mic systems will also be included. The 600 MHz “wireless spectrum repack” has a lot of DJs wondering how to best use wireless reliably in the future. Ben is a leading expert on wireless topics and he’ll bring you rock solid solutions from his years of experience with national tours, professional sports and more.

Ben Stowe started his electronics journey at the tender age of 5, when a neighbor taught him how to solder and started feeding his voracious appetite for knowledge of all things electrical. While in high school, he built his first DJ systems from others’ thowaways. Since then he has accumulated all the certifications he can, beginning with a Minnesota electrical license and culminating with the elite InfoComm CTS. His AV installs have been featured in the major trade publications. He is also the founder and president of NLFX Professional (, a leading supplier of sound, lighting and other gear. Along with Mobile Beat, his presentations have been featured at BPM, Wedding MBA, and many other industry events.