Location: Pavilion Main

Bob Lindquist is pissed. He’s tired of hearing DJs complain about how hard it is to compete when virtually anyone with a laptop and a couple of powered speakers can be a DJ. “It’s true.” he says, “that the cost of entry is the lowest it’s ever been. But all that means is that there are more low-cost entry level DJs. These are not serious competitors. All they are doing is mucking things up. Serious DJs who are in this for the long haul need to raise the bar.”To that end, he’s coming back to the 25th anniversary Mobile Beat show to challenge any DJ who calls themselves a professional to recognize their own self-worth and to start changing the totally false perception that anyone can be a DJ.The seven obsessions he’ll discuss come not from his own experiences, but from working with, and observing, some very successful DJs for over 25 years. “Being a DJ and being around so many other very successful DJs has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to grow a DJ operation into a profitable enterprise—and I am looking forward to setting the record straight for those who think that getting to the top in this profession is a cakewalk.”

Robert Lindquist

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