Are you ready? Are you sick of being the one who is up late reading about other successful people in the event industry and WISHING? Are you sick and tired of missing out while everyone else upgrades to the next level, quits their day jobs, and actually enjoys working in their business?justin-caricature


Are you done being the person who watches on the outside? Are you done seeing everyone else get what you want? Are you done yet?


* I don’t have the time = I won’t MAKE the time.
* I don’t have the money = I won’t MAKE the money.
* I don’t have enough information = I’m SABOTAGING
* I don’t trust you = I don’t trust myself = WHEN will you!?
* I don’t decide without my partner = you DO when you WANT it.


While the people with courage fill their heads with knowledge? While the people with the courage fill their bank accounts? While the people with the courage fill their business with clients?


Are you STILL not ready to step up? Are you STILL not there because of fear? Are you STILL not doing what you could if you were BETTER? Are you STILL not doing six figures?



You want the multiple six figure sales years? You want the 30k months? You want the $10Ksales days?

You want the freedom, the power, the ability?


Few spaces left in Las Vegas with me March 16th. Don’t be left behind. There is even a discount still available.



The only workshop with a money-back guarantee. If at the first break, you don’t feel like you have received at least 5x value of what you paid or you don’t like the color of my tie… then let us know and we will send you a full refund. No questions asked. You have NOTHING TO RISK by attending.


About the Workshop

Actionable tactics and strategies to make your business grow.

That’s what it’s all about.

Some things you should know before you register…

What this workshop is not:

This is NOT another day just like the rest of the convention. Do not plan to just come and passively listen all day. Do NOT plan to pick and choose parts to attend.
This is NOT a gear day. We will not discuss what booth we like best, what software, etc. You will have plenty of time to do those things on the show floor.
This is NOT partial truths and full of hype from others that look successful.
This is NOT somewhere to be if you are 100% happy with your business in its current state and have no desire to grow and do bigger things.
This is NOT somewhere to be if you are a whiner, complainer, or victim who thinks that it is impossible to succeed in business or that it is someone else’s fault you are not as successful as you want to be.
This is NOT for you if you plan to listen and then go home and not do anything different.
This is NOT for you if you focus on why you can’t make something work or have a closed mind to new approaches.
This is NOT for you if the registration fee will cause you financial hardship and take food off your table.
What this pre-day is…

This is a small intimate group setting of successful DJs. We will be hands-on in helping each other to succeed.


The entire workshop builds upon itself so you must attend in its entirety.
This is a day solely focus on marketing and sales to grow your business. We will talk in-depth with real-world examples on how to generate more leads for your business and how to better convert those leads into paying customers.
This is PROVEN tactics and strategy we use in our own business and have used to help hundreds of other small business owners.
This is somewhere to focus on growing and pushing the limits of what you think is possible.
This is only for open-minded supportive individuals that are not know-it-alls but instead seek a deeper understanding of how to make their business work for them instead of becoming a slave to their business.
This is for action takers that will enact their plan when they get back home in order to drastically grow their business faster than they thought possible.
This is for those that are open to new approaches and focus on how to make something work instead of why it won’t.
This is for those that see the registration fee is a sliver of what attending will bring into their business over the course of the next year. Even if you have never invested in a workshop like this, you see that just one job will more than pay for your investment.  We aren’t focusing on one job though, we want to transform your business. What if what you learn can get you one more job per month? What about one more job per week? What would that do for your business and your life? That is the results we are looking for.


a little about..


Tropicana: Las Vegas, NV

Thursday, March 16, 2017   |    3:00pm – 7:00pm


Here is some of what will be covered (subject to change)…

Generate More Leads…NOW!

* What bait you should be using to attract leads into your business. If you ads say “call us to book” then you are missing the boat.

* How to stimulate more word of mouth referrals month after month. If you simply rely on word of mouth but do nothing to cause it then you have a ton of lost opportunity.

* The perfect Google Ad. How to use adwords (and other paid search) effectively without breaking the bank.

* Fixing Facebook…. from followers to paying customers. How to use facebook the right way to get jobs and when not to.

* Money in The Mail: Using dirt cheap direct mail to drive tons of leads in your business that none of your competitors even know exist.

* Bridal Show Success Secrets: What you see in the booth is nowhere near as important as what you don’t.


Turning Leads Into Paying Customers

* How to manage leads so that nobody ever “falls through the cracks” again. Trust me the more leads you bring in the bigger deal this will become.

* How to systematize and outsource so you can work less and actually enjoy your business and life. You shouldn’t have to work 80 hours a week to earn enough to live.

* Techniques to push your leads over the edge into booking. Everyone needs just the right nudge.

* How to run one-time promotions and specials without destroying your business. I will give you several ready to use promotions.

* How to score last-minute bookings to fill the calendar on slow days. With 8 booths, we use this technique every month to get more bookings. Nothing held back here. You get it all handed to you on a silver platter.

* Revealing and overcoming sales objections.


You will walk out the door with ready to go tools, techniques, and systems to grow your business year-round. Every attendee will receive a documents binder with ready to model examples of most everything we cover. This is the year your business will finally be what you know it can. If you have been given bad advice in the past and you are struggling, it is not your fault. Most people are giving you bits and pieces of what it takes. We will give you the whole enchilada. This is literally the nuts and bolts techniques of what has made our business what it is today. You owe it to yourself and your family to be in attendance for one day that can change the entire future for you.