Back in 1990, with a pair of cowboy boots and a borrowed set of gear from a friend, trevor embarked on a DJ profilecroppedcareer playing a monthly gig to a lot of local country western dancers using nothing but stacks and stacks of CD’s. 10 years later he would walk away from DJing due to the stress of lugging around very heavy equipment that was not his own.

Fast forward to 2006, after purchasing his own gear and spending a lot of time in a country dance club, he decided to get back into weddings. While doing a bridal show, a chance encounter in 2010 with a DJ named Craig Brown from Vancouver Washington changed everything he knew or thought he knew about DJing.

From that day on, his DJ career would never be the same. Jump forward to 2016 and he now is a Certified Wedding Planner, a Country Dance Instructor with 25+ years, an Ordained Minister with ULC, passed the Oregon Liquor Server License test, is a photobooth owner/operator, a single OP DJ owner, and has taken every single lesson that ADJ and Chauvet academies have issued.

He is currently taking an online DJ course from Digital DJ Tips and is a regular in the Monday and Tuesday night youtube sessions with John Young and the Disk Jockey News. Since that chance encounter in 2010 he has never stopped learning about DJing and photobooths.