If you’re a DJ looking to capitalize on the trivia craze, you know there are not a lot of choices for good software. Until now! Trivia Punch truly is an amazing product. It’s the ONLY trivia software that gets better from week to week.

Every new DJ that uses Trivia Punch has their own way of hosting their games. When they want a certain feature we build it – and every DJ benefits from that. So you get all the cool features every time you log in and you don’t have to do a thing!

Think about that! Trivia Punch already has more features than the other trivia companies out there combined, and it keeps getting better and better! This is the only software that gets updated from week to week and we don’t mean just the questions. We mean if you want a cool feature added our development team will review it and more often than not – make it happen. It’s like having you very own software development team to help make you the best Trivia Disc Jockey around!