Pavilion T5

Quite simply this seminar will cover Pros and cons of owning your own photobooth along with your DJ business.  Is the extra money worth it – Is the extra hassle worth it?

Once we get past the business aspect we will cover the basics of running your booth correctly, buying props, staffing plus learning some of the tips and the tricks of the software available.  Basically Trevor will go over all the pitfalls and triumphs of running a photobooth as one of my upsells as well as a standalone service.

Here is a Bonus Bonus Tip that won’t be in the presentation, it’s also one of the biggest failures of a photobooth operator and also DJs, and it is the most annoying thing I see posted time and time again….it’s the “Well it worked fine last week” syndrome and what that means is that photobooth operators and DJs fail to test their equipment either the day before or the day of an event.
 What I’ll cover in the seminar is what you’ll need for your booth to be successful (not the marketing side as much), what kind of expenses you’ll run into, which is the best software to use, and the top 5 best tips I know of to make your booth run smoothly time and time again. And last but not least, the 3 main important topics that a lot of booth operators forget to do the most. And a few bonus tips thrown in for good measure.