Karaoke Host and those looking to get involved with Karaoke attending MBLV21, mark your calendar for the evening of March 15 for our Karaoke networking drop-in With Hal Kinney and Joanie Lilly the host of the podcast “KaraokeQNA”. We ask that those interested meet at top of the escalators near the exhibit hall then depending the number that show up we will then decide where we can go to discuss the Karaoke. Initial plans are to head to one of the local eateries (upon availability) within the Tropicana otherwise we will head along the Las Vegas Strip where we will chat and share ideas and discuss concerns with the Karaoke industry and what the future holds. For more information or suggestions about this after hours event, please contact Hal Kinney @ 865-323-5412 or [email protected] or Joanie Lilly @ 412-607-3388 [email protected]