Ladies of MBLV21, Make plans to attend our 8th annual ladies networking dinner on Wednesday, March 15th. We’re meeting at a networking space upstairs from registration near the Fedex Kinkos store at 6p (right after the exhibit floor closes), talking for a bit then leaving at 6:30. Then we’ll jump into taxis (or TBA shuttle or bus) and head to the Bellagio for their wide variety of Italian, Japanese, Chinese and American Cuisines on their dinner buffet. Plus there’s no splitting of checks at the end. Approx. $37

Meet, chat, dine with like minded woman in the industry. We did this last year and worked out in a timely manner. Then we’ll be back to the hotel at 9ish for other excitement at MBLV21.  This is open to all the females attending the conference, even the wives of the DJ husband. Also, I have teamed up with Mobile Beat Magazine and NLFX Professional to giveaway some cool swag on Wednesday night. So bring your business cards to win gifts from the prize pile.

Please contact Jean Craycroft at 513-919-8384 or for more information