Pavilion T5

Running a professional services business can take a toll on your health. The constant pressure of having to find and service new clients, meet deadlines, collect receivables, manage staff, oversee administration and keep the business afloat can lead to burnout and even life-threatening health issues.

Tom Haibeck learned that the hard way. Just five years after launching his public relations consulting firm, he suffered a bleeding ulcer that very nearly took his life. It was a wake-up call for Tom, and he soon made some profound changes in his life—from giving up alcohol and tobacco to learning how to meditate, changing his diet and achieving a level of fitness that enables him (at age 60) to play competitive ice hockey with men half his age.

During his presentation, Tom will outline a series of practical ways for mobile entertainers to take better care of their health—and to look and feel more vibrant as performers. From the weird and wonderful benefits of floatation tanks and positive visualization to helpful tips on how to lose weight, quit smoking, optimize nutrition, increase energy levels and better manage stress, Tom will offer a wide range of helpful tips designed to both enlighten and inspire.