Pavilion T4

In 1998, Rob Peters left the security of his “day Job” and took the plunge into being a Full Time Mobile DJ. Since that time, it has become easier for people to become a DJ: our industry is filled with people who “think they can DJ” and market themselves for a lower price. As much as we understand the difference between a professional and these “newbies”, it’s a matter of perception, and the public is seeing and believing this perception, meaning that professionals are working harder in some cases to make the sale.

The average DJ works mostly Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays…which means there are 150 potential opportunities to book themselves for those events that happen on a weekend: Weddings, Private Parties, Mitzvahs, etc. Rob will teach you in this seminar how to increase that number using strategies and techniques that allowed him to book over 200 performances in 2016! You’ll learn different ideas for filling your weekday schedule, how to promote and book these shows, from simple opportunities to having your equipment make you extra money during the week, to working with companies and event planners who need your services during the week.