Next MBLV DJ Contest – Official Details:

Stages of Contest:

Stage 1: Application — now through Jan 31.
Stage 2: Performance / Onsite interviews — at MBLV24
Stage 3: Final Interviews — Early April 2020
Stage 4: Announcement — Late Spring 2020

Contest Winner Receives:

1. Paid contract for MBLV25
2. Hotel room for length of MBLV25 at host hotel
3. Airfare paid for for MBLV25
4. 2 Full Program Passes for MBLV25
5. Seat on MBLV Production Planning Committee
6. DJ Profile in Mobile Beat Magazine

STAGE 1: Application

Submissions — Now Through January 31. SEE FORM BELOW

Submission steps / requirements:

1. Contestant must complete the following on the MBLV DJ Official Entry Page (Below):
– Post a YouTube video in the space provided Content requirements: 5 mins in length, no edits, any venue, any format
– Complete the form with 500 words on: ”Why I should be the Next MBLV DJ”
– Complete the form with 500 words on: ”3 Things I Would Do to Improve MBLV” with ONE thing being related to the onstage DJ
– Post a link to your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) with bio, high-res photos, and logo in the space provided
– Post links to all social media accounts in the space provided

2.  Share your video and the fact your submitted on all social media — it’s important to gauge your following

3. Adhere to the following rules to be considered (posted on website):
– Must attend MBLV24 as a full program pass holder
– Must be able to attend and work MBLV25
– Must have submission in by January 31, 2020 by 11:59 PM CST
– Must follow Mobile Beat / MBLV / BC Productions, Inc. / HPK Online Expos decency standards on all social media platforms

STAGE 2: Performance / Onsite Interviews at MBLV24

Finalists for this stage will be announced Feb. 28, 2020

Finalist will perform a set on MBLV exhibit floor stage on Wednesday afternoon, March 18.  Details to be released with finalist announcement. The performance will be viewed by:

  • Jake Feldman — MBLV Event Director
  • Ryan Burger — Publisher and President of Mobile Beat
  • Rob Savickis – HK Online Expos President
  • DJ peers in attendance at MBLV24

STAGE 3: Final Interviews

Will take place via Skype in late March 2020, with Jake Feldman, Rob Savickisand Ryan Burger.

STAGE 4: Announcement

Late April 2020.  There can only be one NEXT MBLV DJ!